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Adding a Rule to a Group, or a Rule within a Rule - Odd Workflow

monkeysaladmonkeysalad Posts: 16Member
edited May 2012 in Tech Support
To make my "code" easier to parse, I make groups of rules - for example all player movement rules being in a group called "controls" and so on. However placing rules within groups is counterintuitive - I expect if I select a group and then press 'create rule,' the new rule will appear within the group. What Gamesalad actually does is place the existing group inside the new rule -
I was trying to rapidly prototype something last night and this was driving me crazy, because when you have a bunch of "code" it is extremely slow and inconvenient to create new rules and then drag/drop them to the correct place. There are also situations where I'd want to create nested rules, where I define a condition and then insert rules to function when that condition is true - the same issue occurs, with the initial rule appearing inside its dependent rules unless a lengthy process of create+drag+drop is undertaken. The current Gamesalad behavior seems backwards, does anyone disagree?

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  • MotherHooseMotherHoose Posts: 2,456Member
    Accepted Answer
    dragging the Rule behavior from the Standard Behavior Library to a specific location in an actor's behavior Editor … helps me … when things get complex

    @monkeysalad … my frustration also … especially when a behavior is highlighted and then the rule is collapsed … Create a rule … will create one with the highlighted behavior! … it is supposed to do that … but, still it drives me crazy!

    hint: click and drag that little indented dot above the AttributesPane on the Left
    … get rid of image display when doing attribute work … and then click drag the one above the LibraryPane when working with behaviors … saves lots of scrolling

    hopefully, new GS GUI will maintain the state of our workspace … so we don't have to constantly alter the positions of these things

    image MH


  • monkeysaladmonkeysalad Posts: 16Member
    Yes, using the behavior lib to create new Rules would save me some pain - good suggestion.

    I just think this nesting behavior is a bug, or at minimum not well thought out. I can see why selected behaviors appear within created rules, there is at least logic behind that. But I can't imagine any reason why it should work in that way for groups.
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