Suggestions wanted on how to implement FB

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I have a new app ready soon but am having doubts on how to implement a link to my FaceBook page.
The way I have it set up now is as follow:
When you click on the FB button the in game browser opens a tinyurl page to a fb:// link. This opens the Facebook app on the iPhone on my page.

All fine but there are two concerns. One is what happens when people do not have the Facebook app installed.
And two is when you go back to the game the in game browser is still open on a blank page. Yuck!!

I can use a link opening my FB page in the ingame browser (or safari) but when the user does use the FB app he is probably not logged in and doesn't want to either.

So what in your opinion is the best option?

Looking forward to your replies. Thanks in advance.


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