Creating games with assets that hold time values, affect other assets based on percentage of value.

bigblue52bigblue52 Member Posts: 0
Hey! I am looking to create a game similar to Tiny Monster from TinyCo. Would this be possible with GameSalad? Has anyone tried?


  • BarrytheBraveBarrytheBrave Member Posts: 134
    A game that is affected by and run to real world time is sort of possible with gamesalad. You can access the device clock while your game is running, so you can check the time/date every time you launch the game and make changes accordingly. However this is only dependent on the device time, so this can be cheated by stopping the game and altering the time on the device. This is compared to most professional games of this type which run 24 hours a day on a server, with the mobile client simply logging in and displaying what it finds.

    A gamesalad game would have to - when you run it - check the time since you last played (saved the time) and increase the size of buildings/age of monster (whatever) accordingly.

    I did some tests with this before and very nearly proceeded with a game, until I discovered the game I had planned had already been made by somebody else! #-o
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