BEJEWELLED Type Game WIP (Multiple Passes Working)

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Hi Forum,

Since the introduction of writable tables a lot of us have been attempting to create a stable Bejewelled "match 3" type template. This thread is to show my attempt of creating a stable template.

Currently the template handles 4 types of gems, this was just to simplify things, however with the logic I have created adding additional gems would have no effect on the performance.

The following list illustrates what has been achieved to date:

1. Switching - the gems can be switched

2. Horizontal Matches can be found - These include match 3, 4, 5 etc

3. Gems fall once a match has been found

Frame Rate:

iPAD 1: 58fps
iPhone 4s: 60fps


  • EIGHTHSINEIGHTHSIN Member Posts: 132
  • EIGHTHSINEIGHTHSIN Member Posts: 132
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    The WIP is as follows:

    1. Multiple Passes - to check matches

    2. Vertical Matches

    3. Switch Back - if no matches are present

    4. Super Gems - upon matching 4/5 gems

    5. Variable Timer - this will alter depending on the progress made
  • EIGHTHSINEIGHTHSIN Member Posts: 132
    If you would like to see any additional features or tweaks please feel free to post and I'll try and include them into the development :)
  • DeadlySeriousMediaDeadlySeriousMedia ArizonaMember Posts: 838
    How about some powerups?

    For instance a "bomb" gem that, depending on the color, when destroyed in a line up, will destroy all gems of that color on the screen. Just an idea.

    Also, like the original bejeweled, a meter that fills as you clear gems then reshuffles the game board.
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    @DeadlySeriousMedia - Great ideas :)

    Powerups would definitely be awesome, I am initially going to incorporate these into the "Super Gems" upon matching 4 or 5 gems. After I have this functioning, I will definitely be adding powered gems with various abilities.

    The initial template would be that similar of Bejewelled Blitz, which is timed, I may add additional modes after this, like the one you suggested, which shouldn't be too taxing!
  • DeadlySeriousMediaDeadlySeriousMedia ArizonaMember Posts: 838
    Sounds great! I've been wanting to incorporate some mini games into a game I'm working on and a bejeweled styled game is one of them!
  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Member, Sous Chef, Bowlboy Sidekick Posts: 9,270
    Looks great, nice job!
  • creativeappscreativeapps Member Posts: 1,770
    Superb this shows that nothing is impossible in GameSalad. First @xforce did great job with Flow FREE and now @EIGHTHSIN did Bejewelled. I must say that you guys will rock the gamesalad forum.

  • EIGHTHSINEIGHTHSIN Member Posts: 132
    Cheers for all the awesome comments and messages :)

    For all of those curious as to whether this template would be available for purchase, initially I wanted to make this a kickstarter project but was shut down by members of the forum, I am now thinking of an alternative means of getting this out to you great folk without breaking any of the forum rules of course.

    @creativeapps - Cheers for the wonderful comment :) Gamesalad truly is an excellent software. Although it may be missing a few tools that would allow creating a game like this with ease, thinking outside of the box goes a long way!

    @tshirtbooth - Cheers! Yeah, the iPhone 4s tested at 60fps, with fluctuations between 63 and 60. I have yet to implement vertical calculations, which may have an affect on this figure, fingers crossed this isn't the case!
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    1. Multiple Passes - In order to get this function I created a rule to run the pass repeatedly every time a match has been found. This functions well, however a timer was required to ensure all jewels are in place before making another selection, which results in a 0.5s delay before the next jewel can be selected. Provided this delay remains at 0.5s once the calculations for vertical matches are in place, I feel that it is a fair compromise for this feature. However I will be looking into reducing this to increase the gaming experience.

  • IsabelleKIsabelleK Member, Sous Chef Posts: 2,807
    Really impressive mate! Good luck :)
  • ironDanironDan Member Posts: 148
    Nice work, but...I'm noticing that when you make a match 3 it removes the 3 gems. But when there are multiple lines of 3+ gems pre existing on the board in the video I'm wondering why they are not automatically destroyed??? They just sit there as if they don't know they are already a 3+ gem combo.
  • EIGHTHSINEIGHTHSIN Member Posts: 132
    @ironDan I believe you are referring to the first video I posted, which didn't incorporate the multiple passes. The second video illustrates this working, however I have yet to create a pass that takes place as soon as the game begins, currently it is set to make passes everytime a match is found. Also I have yet to include vertical matches, which would completed very soon :)
  • greenrhynogreenrhyno Member, PRO Posts: 152
    Looking very good. Keep it up and hopefully there is a way to make it available and keep with forum rules.
  • ironDanironDan Member Posts: 148
    @EIGHTHSIN sounds like you have it all covered, nice work.
  • ZoytZoyt Member Posts: 374
    Wow! This is great! Stunning. Keep it up!
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    Cheers for the nice comments!

    Just to update everyone, I re-tested on the iPad 1 and iPhone 4s and there was a drop in fps during calculations. The iPad drops to 38 from 60 and the 4s drops to 44 from 60. However both of these drops occur during calculations and table updates only and do not affect the falling of the gems since immediately after the calcs the fps rises back up to 60.

    I am trying to keep the calculation time as short as possible, at the moment its around 0.3-0.5s. I'll keep you guys updated with the progress.
  • creativeappscreativeapps Member Posts: 1,770
    @EIGHTHSIN I am really excited to see what next video is coming.
  • EIGHTHSINEIGHTHSIN Member Posts: 132
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    Hi guys,

    I have a major update to report to you, I have completed vertical matches & super matches!!! Now we have vertical & horizontal matching, multiple passes to recheck any matches and super matches, where matching 4/5 gems in a row/column would destroy the entire row/column!!!

    I have also implemented switching back, however there seems to be a bug with this that I am trying to rectify, nonetheless you could see it in action in the video below!

    In order to get this all functioning I had to rethink the logic, which is more efficient than the early version allowing you to select gems faster with a slight improvement in fps too!!!

  • LumpAppsLumpApps Member Posts: 2,880
    Wow! This is getting somewhere.
    Good work!
  • creativeappscreativeapps Member Posts: 1,770
    @EIGHTHSIN Totally Brilliant I would say you are einstein of GameSalad.
  • EIGHTHSINEIGHTHSIN Member Posts: 132
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    Hey all, once again cheers for all the comments, and @creativeapps that is the first and probably the last time I'll hear that, lol! To be honest I was trained using videos by the great @tshirtbooth, who's help has been invaluable to the production of this awesome template!

    I have added a few extra things, I have changed the artwork a little to make the gems stand out more, and its building up to the final look that I wanted. I have also got scores appearing once gems are destroyed (there is a minor error which I am in the middle of solving, where scores double for the bottom row). In addition I have added the bar which fills up as gems are destroyed as requested by @DeadlySeriousMedia. The gems now shrink and rotate 360 during destruction, you cannot really see the rotation in the video, however I can tell you all with complete confidence that it looks awesome!!!

    I have also managed to improve the fps during calculations, now it drops to 45 and 50 for the iPad 1 and 4s respectively, and like always shoots right back up to 60+. I am going to see if I could add chain score, so if gems are destroyed in rapidly succession the score increases. If I could create a rule that does this, I could also play around with the sounds once I implement them so the pitch increases every time a chain is made!

    Heres the most recent vid!

  • creativeappscreativeapps Member Posts: 1,770
    Totally awesome
  • crazycam99crazycam99 Paris, FranceMember Posts: 519
  • EIGHTHSINEIGHTHSIN Member Posts: 132
    Hey guys I have an update for you's!

    I added some more artwork, while the gems are destroyed elements appear such as lasers, energy blast and explosions to give it that little extra visual. I also added a sheen to the gems that appear randomly. I included sound effects and digital vocals, most of them from my first game, Brick Breaker Wars. In addition I added some more logic, now when explosions occur the screen shakes (I need to enlarge the images so you don't see the bar while shaking). I also added another power gem, which occurs 1 in 50 (I might alter this), this gem blows up on match and takes out the surrounding gems! I have yet to add the gem that when matched destroys all matching gems as requested by @DeadlySeriousMedia, I am currently working on this one :)

    Also, apologies about the wonky cam and poor audio, it was the only way I could record sound!

  • carlblanchetcarlblanchet Member Posts: 755
    That looks epic man! Well done!
  • EIGHTHSINEIGHTHSIN Member Posts: 132
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    If you guys can think of any other power ups feel free to leave a comment and I'll try and implement them :)

    To increase the gameplay I am thinking to add elements that hinder the game play such as gems that change type, meanwhile your thinking you have stringed a match 4, when to your surprise, the gem changes type :O!!! Also gems that reduce the level in the bar...what do you guys think?

    If I add the hindering gems, I would have created 2 game modes already, one would be infinite mode (or something along them lines) and the other would be arcade mode! In addition I have yet to create a timed mode...and if possible maybe a twist mode ;) ;)
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    Hey guys!

    I have created my final super gem, which when matched, destroys all of the same type gems on the screen!!!

    Here's the vid, plus I can now record sound! However that isn't your speaker ripping at the begin, it was a glitch in the sound redirecting program I'm still not perfect but I'm getting there! :)

    Also, I have work to do on the particles!

  • Benjamin_m5Benjamin_m5 Member Posts: 646
    AWESOME work!!!
  • kinzuakinzua Member Posts: 554
    @EIGHTHSIN gud work there .. really cool.. i was wondering if u cud also add up on a logic that prevents from a match being on the board from startup or when new jewels get added.. I don't know if m sounding right.. maybe.. adding various jewels .. probably 8 will lower down that probability.

    Gr8 work.. keep us posted..
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