Firing A bullet

djdeedjdee Member Posts: 180
Hi, am following a video tutorial of tshirt boot, in which he shows how to target specific location. the problem is i dont want my bullet to stop in that spot. i want the bullet to continue moving till the end of the scene.
this is the video that am following:

i have used accelerate towards instead of interpolate but its having the same problem for which tshirt started this video
any help would b appreciated


  • 3itg3itg Member, PRO Posts: 382
    I use change velocity on my bullets and it works as you describe.
    I fire at "0" for direction, and spawn them from a player (who could be turning)
  • djdeedjdee Member Posts: 180
    edited September 2012
    hey thanks a lot 3itg... that really helped... :)
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