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I have a quick question......I'm about to purchase a refurbished Iphone, and as per my understanding, one needs the Sim Card to activate the phone. But do I need to get a contract from provider? I just want the Iphone to test my applications on it, not for phone calling? Would appreciate feedback.......Thanks and God Bless....




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    i dont think you need one to test because you can use wifi. ( i would ask around first ),
    and if you dont need an iphone an ipod touch might be better as you dont have a contract and it would probably be cheaper.
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    There are 2 types of iphone

    GSM: you buy it and you just put the Sim Card and you're ready to go. You can also buy it unlocked, or jailbreak the iphone to unlock it universally (any sim card of the world). You can either start a new contract with an iphone, or you can buy your iphone, get a no-contract plan (you will receive a normal SIM CARD) and then buy a sim card cutter to cut it into a Micro Sim (then you can put this sim in your iphone)

    CDMA: you buy it, and in order to "use it" (like have a phone number) you DO need a contract with the cdma carriers (in us, sprint/verizon).

    Anyways, if you're just going to use the iphone to test your games, i dont think you really need a simCard/contract. You could just use wifi for the app store and test your games.
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    Thanks everyone for the help, really appreciated it...... :) Thanks and God Bless...


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