$$$ Looking for a Coder/Programmer with Experience... $$$

Looking for an experienced developer to help with programming an app/game for apple ipod/pad, android and html5 website embedding. The project involves a 2D side scroller element with character moving up down left and right, with point collection and attack damage meter. As well as movie clip placement, sfx and music overlays. All artwork, graphical interfaces, and music elements will be provided. Just looking for a serious, experienced, talented technical mind that loves cool sh*t and making games. Would love to find a collaborative partner for future endeavors. The genre for this project could be described as an action/comedy shootem-up. We can work out a payscale and schedule for deliverables with incentives for reaching deadlines.

Lets do it!

Hit me up with any questions and responses at trae1000@rocketmail.com


  • shark1505shark1505 Member Posts: 75
    I'm extremely interested in making your idea come to life. I just sent you an email. By the way, you can't play movie clips using gamesalad but I'm sure we could come up with a satisfactory replacement!
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