Old version of game salad??

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I haven't used GS for quite awhile because of other projects and jobs I've been working on lately but knew I'd be coming back to use it when I got the chance. Now that I have free time to get back to making a game, I've found that I need to update my operating system just to get GS up and running again. The problem is, I work at a university and I was told not to upgrade my OS due to networking errors that keep occurring because of conflicts with MAC OS lion software. Some of the college faculty has expressed a great interest in making apps for the ipad and the iphone and I had told them about game salad may be the best solution for making games and apps. However, because of the operating system issue I can't even show them projects I've created in the past! Since no one is allowed to install Lion on any of the university computers I'm not sure what I can do. Is there any way of getting an older version of GS or am I just out of luck?


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    Even if you did get an older version, you couldn't publish. With some of the newer versions, they introduced a new publishing system. The old one incorporated with the older versions is no longer in use. Sorry. However, GameSalad now runs on PC - that might help you out a bit. :-)
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