Assistance Working with game. Willing to pay

Hey guys hows it going. I have a great game in mind though I keep running into trouble with setting everything up. I'm new to game salad and just need basically a virtual helper. I'm willing to pay the person who can help me with programing it.

I need someone very experienced with game salad and basically the Ins and Outs.
The game is advanced yet simple at the same time. I wont give too much information, but basically it's a one view game. Objects can be upgraded with virtual currency. The background will be upgradable also to expanded longer for the user can drag more objects onto them. The game will be savable too so that way the user can exit and get right back into it.

Its simple as far as game play but what makes it tough is the saving and loading of it all. please pm me or email me at

Im looking for serious developers. Thanks!


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