please help needed

this is how i was told to make running app to send by email:
it no longer works this way? i desperately need to send my app to someone...and not with test flight.

open your project in GS
Publish … to Macintosh
and click through the Publish screens
(you will need to add a 512x512 icon and a 1280x800 screenshot
…you will probably want the icon … if not it can be a transparent png in the correctSize
… and the screenShot can be a transparent png in the correctSize)

-leave the Publish to app store … unchecked
-do not have full-screen … unless you want that (Advanced Options)

GS will build and give you back a running app for desktop
that will open in the platformSize (iPhone; iPad; whatever) you chose
(don't fret the touch input also respond to the mouse click)

email (compress/zip if largeSize) the app to your friend for their play on a Mac


  • happyhathappyhat Member Posts: 49
  • SolarPepperStudiosSolarPepperStudios Member Posts: 754
    edited April 2013
    That should work... Try running the app on your Mac first and then email it. (Make sure to compress it ;) )
  • happyhathappyhat Member Posts: 49
    Hi - thanks for reply!!! this process doesn't work anymore as am taken to a different page when i press publish. i really need a new step by step guide that will take me through ...please if anyone has done this recently - I would be so grateful!!
  • SolarPepperStudiosSolarPepperStudios Member Posts: 754
    Ok so here is what you need to do to get the file:
    1. Go onto the GameSalad project and click publish
    2. When the page loads login and click the project you want to update (or make a new one)
    3. If you need to fill out any information then do so and then click generate
    4. Wait and in a minute or two, refresh your page.
    5. You should have a message in the mac tab saying the file was generated. If so then click download project. Then your done! :)
  • happyhathappyhat Member Posts: 49
    hi - yes do get a file but not one that mac says it can't open..
  • SolarPepperStudiosSolarPepperStudios Member Posts: 754
    Ok, so question, are you trying to publish to iPhone or Mac? Because both give you the same type of file (.app) but only one is executable on mac,
  • happyhathappyhat Member Posts: 49
    I want to be able to send the file to a mac.

    After clicking publish
    new project
    I click Mac from column down the side?
    fill out mac settings and then generate
    the file sent to back says - file not supported on this type of mac
  • happyhathappyhat Member Posts: 49
    it just worked! thank you sooo much, really appreciated : )
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