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gamesalad cant access profile

MCHD StudiosMCHD Studios Posts: 23Member
i changed my profiles display name from my email to MCHD Studios, and whenever i try to go to my profile it says:

Oh noes! Studios

The page sought above
is not here; maybe it was
never here at all.
Go Back Report a broken link

Anybody have any idea how to fix this?
And another problem i seem to be facing, even before the name change was getting logged out constantly because it has increased for me.

Thanks, Mantas.


  • MCHD StudiosMCHD Studios Posts: 23Member
    edited April 2013 Studios
    Can anybody else access this? and does it matter if your username has a space? because i somehow got my accounts username to have a space. the display name and username are both MCHQ Studios.
    And my regular gamesalad profile pic wont appear.
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