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Publishing a universal binary on the App Store

Hi Guys,

I am looking at creating a Point and Click adventure game with GameSalad as a universal binary, developing for iPad Retina first.

I understand the process of setting up GameSalad for universal binaries and overscan for supporting smaller device, however I have questions about Apples normal response for accepting such apps/games. Are GameSalads universal builds accepted by Apple if they contain only iPad Retina and iPad non-retina resources and no iPhone resources at all, given that the settings for GameSalad are resolution independance on and overscan on? I understand Apple require our universal apps and games to support all resolutions including iPhone retina and non-retina and iPad retina and non-retina. Would this exclude a GameSalad built (iPad first) universal binary since this does not include the iPhone assets?

Also as an aside can I expect a universal binary (iPad first) to run on an iPhone 3GS since it would load the non-retina assets onto the device and draw them (scaled down) using overscan? We have a lot of full screen assets to draw.


  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 10,385
    I have many iPad games that I converted to be a universal binary. works fine.
  • FinnKFinnK Member, PRO Posts: 3
    Did you notice much of a slow down on a 3GS ?
  • TouchiMediaTouchiMedia Member Posts: 154
    edited January 2014
    This resolution stuff has always confused me.. if I'm designing a game around the ipad template (1024x768) but want it to be universal build - do I check the resolution independence (even if I started without it on)...

    How does this affect the scene camera? Will everything still look relative.. say on an iphone5 screen vs ipad - with things scaled correctly and camera?

    Also when I test or publish on iphone, do I do it from ipad template with resolution independce check or.. ??
  • FinnKFinnK Member, PRO Posts: 3
    I got a reply from GS Support and they said they recommend starting a universal binary from iPad assets and scaling down, I assume they meant Resolution Independence. Additionally : "The only additional piece you would need to include is a loading screen image that is suited for iPhone in addition to your iPad assets."

    As far as Resolution Independence goes, I understand you must simply make sure that the images you already have in your project are at the higher resolution, so no matter when RI was checked, the image will be scaled down to 50% and used in non retina iPad and all iPhones when using Universal Binary builds. Also I think Android will use the lower resolution also (but that I am not sure about).
    You might also want to check out the Aspect Ratio guide here as you will have to decide if overscan and RI is for you or not:

    Thank you, I am happy to hear that this process is tried and tested. I am continuing on this path, iPad Retina first and then the rest using a combination of overscan, RI and repositioning the Foreground HUD based on device aspect ratios and sizes.
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