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Am I able to build in GS for iPhone 5 and then in app store only allow iphone5 devices to purchase? or will legacy be able to urchase and have resolution issues if I cant figure out the universal build crap for iphone? Im getting real fed up. I looked at GS down the road page and not only is universal not in the upcoming update...or being worked on...its still in the long term section.

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    @Thunder_Child I am not talking crop/overscan. I am talking stretch. It is a new feature in the nightly builds. It does not crop anything. It stretches the game scene to fit on any device. I commented about it in another post. Have a look at this

    As far as I know you can publish iPhone or iPad games. You can't just publish an iPhone 5 game ... :-(

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    @TouchiMedia Yes I have been using legacy iPhone and iPad based projects with the stretch option for my Tizen development. The stretch option to my surprise works great and looks amazing on the Tizen emulator. No stretching and crystal clear. You need to test your game to see how it will look. I used stretch for an iPad based project cos I am lazy to see how it will look on an iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. The result was really bad, it was stretched and it didn't look good so I will use the universal binaries method for this one. I had another legacy iPhone project which couldn't be converted to universal. I used stretch on to see how it would look on an iPad and iPhone 5 and the result was amazing. It looked great. From my testing it is project dependant some project work as expected others don't ... You have to test on your project. I suggest you try stretch then test on the iPhone 5/4 and see how it looks if it looks great go for it if not then just use the universal binaries method for IOS devices ... In general I found stretch works better on none IOS devices and the universal binaries method with a little tinkering looks better on IOS devices ...

    @Thunder_Child Yes you can use nightly to publish BUT it is NOT recommend so it is at your own risk. I stick with the prod version of GS. I have made a few exceptions and used the nightly when I have had problems with some of my projects which I couldn't get to work properly using the current prod version but I tested the crap out of the game before I put it out on the AppStore. If you are planning to do this you must test every detail of your game to make sure it is working as expected. Fingers crossed GS 0.11 will be out soon ... ;-)


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