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Actors rotate around eachother?

I'm trying to make 2 groups of actors move to opposite sides and if they meet eachother they will fight, after they're done they will continue to walk to the destination. I want the groups to reposition themselves to fight a single actor without overlapping eachother. It sounds pretty tricky and I have no idea how to do it.

So far I made the actors move, and if they walk to 1 opposite actor in a straight line it works I did this through a boolean that allowed the movement and if they collide it will be false, but if I put 2 actors behind eachother and then make them move to the opposite actors they push eachother away.


  • GanjaNGanjaN Posts: 4Member

    Maybe to clear this up a bit, an exmaple would be on Age of Empires when you select the unit and click somewhere, it will take the shortest path to it around the trees, rocks etc. That's what I want but then with the actors instead of terrain.

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