A few coding errors

Hello everyone.
I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out, so much so, to the point that I will give a small reward to the one who can help me with all 3 questions.
Thank You :smile:
Just to give some encouragement

I been having trouble fixing these errors which is why I came here.

  1. My first error is related to a badge giving system depending on the score.
    Like flappy bird, and no for everyone's piece of mind I am not creating a flappy bird clone , well except for the part I need help on, kind of lol.
    Well my code goes as follows :
    if (attribute) score. <= 200
    Award A
    else if (attribute) score. <= 400
    Aware B
    else if (attribute) score. <= 600
    Award C
    else if(attribute) score. > 600
    Award D
    I have tried separating them individually as well and the same problem occurs . No matter what score I get I still get Award A. If I switch scenes after obtaining Award A then it switches to the correct award.

    1. My second issue is that I want an actor to respawn after one second after it has been pressed.
      Here's my code :
      If (Touch) pressed.
      After 1 sec (spawn actor)

    I don't know why but after 4 to 5 times my actor does respawn it will stop.
    This is random however, sometimes my actor will respawn more times
    before it vanishes. I have even added a timer of 0 secs so my code constantly checks wether I press the actor or not, as well as the run to completion on the (after 1 sec) timer. Still doesn't work.

    1. My third isn't really a problem more like I wouldn't even know what to write on the expression editor is all, or how I would go about it.
      I would like a button in my game to activate for every time the player scores their hundredth point. ie. 100,200,300,400,500,600,700 ect.
      I did try my own way , by manually typing the score into the EE .
      But that would mean making lots and lots of rules for that.


  • Choco1Choco1 Member, PRO Posts: 15
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    Well I just want to say I was able to fix my 1st and 3rd problem.

  • ookami007ookami007 Member Posts: 581

    Just guessing but #1 was the order.... always check the highest number first, because obviously... the lower numbers will be true even when they get a higher score.

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