Actor bounces when hit

So say I have a canon and i'm trying to shoot it to the goal and in between is a wall that moves up and down, if the ball thats shot from the canon hits the wall thats moving up and down, that wall starts bouncing everywhere, how can I make it to ware the wall just keeps going up and down and not affected by the ball hitting it?


  • agueisagueis Member Posts: 420

    Use interpolation for the wall , if the ball collides with the wall with the interpolation the wall will not be affected by the ball, use this rule for the wall: with you,re own values:
    Interpolate sel.position.y to 200
    When self.position.y >= 600 interpolate self.position.y to 200 when self position y <= 200 interpolate self position y to 600

  • ElemetAppsElemetApps Member, PRO Posts: 55

    Thanks man! What if the wall is rotating?

  • ElemetAppsElemetApps Member, PRO Posts: 55

    Never mind I got it. Thanks mana lot :)

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