State of GameSalad on 11-5-2014

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Howdy again everyone! I’ve gathered up some info to share with you guys. Enjoy!:

  1. Release 12 for Windows users. (This is the Windows version of Mac creators’ release 0.12.10) We’re still working hard on getting Windows Creator up to date with our Mac Creator. One such thing that’s currently being looked at is: Changing the previewer to use the Lua engine.

  2. Release 0.13.0. for Mac users. (The next big release for Macs) Work is coming along on this and there should be a new nightly build out in the near future for you guys to mess around with some of the new features! For those who don’t know, a couple of the major additions that will come with release 13 are Facebook integration and the new rendering system. It’s my understanding that our first pass at Facebook integration will include being able to post to walls (images, text, and even URLs). The new rendering system should bring improved performance and memory usage with it!

  3. New nightly build for Mac! We’re making nice progress on getting the next nightly build out. I’ve heard it will have some big performance changes and that we are hoping to get it out sometime this week or next week!

  4. New marketplace. Good progress has been made here with one major feature still needing to be finished. Our web guys are also working on a new homepage which is very near completion!

  5. GameSalad Game Jam 2014! Our first Game Jam ends tomorrow at 11:59PM EST so be sure to get in your entries for a chance to win a free year of Pro, a Kindle Fire HDX, or even $1000 cash! In case you missed the details, see the Game Jam 2014 forum post here: I’ve also been informed that the second Game Jam will be kicking off Monday (the theme will be released then) and that the winners of this Game Jam will be announced sometime next week!

  6. Cross platform creator. As usual there’s been a lot of good progress here and we’re still keeping quiet. :)

That’s all for this week. More info coming at you guys next week!

edit: There's one last thing I forgot to add. At some point in the near future we are planning on making Mac desktop publishing a PRO only feature.


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