Downloading unfinished app under 'mac' on free version?

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Hi there,

I swear I used to be able to download a personal copy of my desktop mac apps to my mac through the 'mac' section of, under the free license, in order to test it myself at full screen on Mac (ok, just said mac too many times!). But now that I am updating my game and trying to download another copy I find that this is only for the pro version. Has it always been that way? Am I going crazy?

I'm running a slightly older version - beta. A bit scared to update at present because I have some assignments half done on this version.

Is there no way for me to save a version onto my mac to test it out without the pro version anymore? I'm not intending to publish this at present, just download a personal copy.



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    PS. talking about the mac app for testing, not the project file

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    You still can, I just tested using a version I uploaded with 12.10 worked fine.

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    @BBEnk but you are a pro member - this used to be free for non-pro members as well.

    Now when I go to the Mac area for editing my game on the arcade, I get this message,

    "Mac Settings:

    Mac publishing is available to Pro users only.

    Upgrade Now"

    I guess I just need to go pro. I have purchased an educational upgrade about 3 days ago but I'm still waiting for it. But if you say it is still available to generate, what button are you pressing, because I can't find it..? :) The 'generate app' is greyed out and unpressable for me.

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    My Bad wasn't thinking when I replied.

    But Generate will stay grayed out until you fill in info Bundle ID (I just make one up) and version #..then I generate and once done I hit Download (I never sign because I can't I don't mac developer account just iOS).

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    Turns out it is now a pro feature, so I upgraded. :) If there were a way to simply preview the output as proper full screen on my computer, this wouldn't be an issue in the first place.

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