About Release 0.11.0 for Windows for November

KennedyEKennedyE PH, NigeriaMember, PRO Posts: 34


I just want to find out if Release 0.11.0 for Windows will be out this November ending as I was promised by a Gamesalad official? I am a Windows creator and I have been waiting for Release 0.11.0 for Windows since I bought the Gamesalad Pro.



  • gregfaulksgregfaulks Member Posts: 21

    Any update on this @KennedyE ?

  • ookami007ookami007 Member Posts: 581

    You'll most likely be waiting for a long time.... a LONG time. If ANYTHING happens (and it often does with Apple), they appear to pull everyone off the Windows development. Sad... but true.

    I wanted to teach a course on it, but my college has Windows PCs... which means using the Windows version... but I'm not about to do that until the two versions are at least SOMEWHAT similar. That was supposed to be fall... then end of the year... now they're saying first half of this year.... and the wait goes on.

    I actually have multiple games / apps that I've had to put on hold waiting for them to put out a new version of the Windows Creator.... and now I'm starting to look at Corona SDK. Or even AppKit.... anyone who does make Windows users the redheaded stepchildren.

  • gregfaulksgregfaulks Member Posts: 21

    Hmmm I don't think its right that Gamesalad should be selling their pro features to both Mac and Windows users at the same price when quite clearly their Windows software is still a long way behind what people can use on the Mac. Surely would benefit both Gamesalad and Apple if all versions of the software were up to date. Yes Corona SDK is a very tidy bit of software and I am becoming more and more tempted to look into it!

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