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link actors

joelloydjoelloyd Posts: 119Member, PRO

I need 2 actors to move and do exactly the same thing all the time, even when colliding. Any suggestions? Linking them together



  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,822Member

    I made this project to do just that, but one object is the master object and drives the physics, although you can have objects bouncing off the compounded object (two or more actors) as normal, you cannot have the compounded object bounce off other objects.


  • joelloydjoelloyd Posts: 119Member, PRO

    I'm after the smaller actor colliding with stationary actors, would this be possible? The player and this actor move , but one of them collides.


  • joelloydjoelloyd Posts: 119Member, PRO

    another way that would solve it is if you could change the collide point of an actor, change the boundaries of it so to speak. if an actor is 100x100, make the collide point 50 by 50. Is this possible? @Socks thanks

  • joelloydjoelloyd Posts: 119Member, PRO

    sorted it, I constrained a smaller actor to the centre of the main actor, then thats the one that collides.

    Thanks though :)

  • joelloydjoelloyd Posts: 119Member, PRO

    This has lead me another problem. The constraint is messing with my collisions. Both actors collide, iv seen post about the same problem but never found a solution. Is there one?

    The middle actor collides with certain actors and the main actor collides with something else.

    any ideas?

  • joelloydjoelloyd Posts: 119Member, PRO

    Sorted this, keep finding my own solutions ha. Messed around with the order of collisions and it worked

    Thanks for help though

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