Handball Survivor : a crazy game (I hope :) )

mars-sevenmars-seven ParisMember, PRO Posts: 49

Hello everybody,

I would like to introduce my new game : Handball Survivor which is coming soon on the App Store (Waiting for review).

I made it the past 6 months on my free time, embarassed by the fact that there is no good handball arcade game (and I'm a big fan of this sport - I play handball since my childhood :smile: ).

For now, there is 5 levels (increasing difficulty) and 3 bonus modes but I plan to add more levels if it works !! :wink:

Most of the time have been passed on drawing, cause I really wanted to create something with a "cartoon" touch, so here are some screenshots, please give me your feelings about it :

My iOS games here and Android games here


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