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Problems integrating rev mob into iOS

This is my first time trying to integrate the ads on iOS. So I'm going to list the steps I've done and if you guys could tell me what's screwing up I'd be grateful.

The problem is the ads don't show up.

What I've done:
1) enabled ads on my scene changes
2) on revmob I've added an ios app with the name of the game [it's on 'off with ads' in order to test]
3) I've taken the Media ID I got from the monitization tab and pasted it into the iOS universal, ipad and iphone slots in the publishing menu in gamesalad.
4) I then take the build and use test fairy to check the build on device. Nothing shows up there's not even a pause for the ads so something isn't right.

This is the same practice I did with the android version and they've showed up there so I'm not sure if anything is different?

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