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Pixel art portraits $1 !!

Would you like a super cool unique pixel portrait of yourself (or someone else) to use for your blog, website, or Facebook?? I will do it for just $1!!

first: Download my $0.99 cent iOS app
then: email me at: (at) gmail.c0m - include a decent photo, and I'll send you back a pixel portrait!

Please allow 24 hours for delivery of portrait!


  • rvantilborgrvantilborg Posts: 185Member, PRO

    ehh it can be done online on so many websites:) i use it sometimes… just google: 'pixelate'

  • toastyteetoastytee Posts: 57Member, PRO

    It's true that there are websites where you can create your own pixel avatar but what I'm offering is different - an original portrait drawn by an artist. I'm just trying to boost my apps rankings in a way that benefits both parties and this is one thing I can offer people for downloading my app.

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