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Game Center Sandbox being phased out

uptimistikuptimistik VenezuelaPosts: 3,602Member, Sous Chef, PRO
edited September 2015 in Community Tutorials

When building and testing an app, if you've used (or are currently using) the GameCenter sandbox mode, in iOS 9 it will no longer be available. Instead, your game will now be using the 'live' servers for leaderboards and achievements. What this means is that your game will be visible to your game center 'friends' even though it hasn't been released.
If you would like to keep your release invisible, you will need to create a new GameCenter account for testing purposes. The new system does have advantages though (speed! those sandbox servers were slowww to update scores etc):

  • Simplifying update testing by allowing testers to play with the full player base, not just other testers.
  • Removing any implementation differences between the sandbox and release environments.

Just general info for anyone who might be interested.

Here are the full technical release notes:

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