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Problems with PNG images? Use these methods to fix your PNGs



  • johnnymagnejohnnymagne NorwayMember Posts: 112

    Hi @QwazzMe - have you tried alpa at .99. Had same problem, but got my transparency back at .99

  • QwazzMeQwazzMe Member, PRO Posts: 38

    @Armelline said:

    @QwazzMe said:
    That's what I do and always have done (and I had no problems before). I even tried to save both in png-8 and in png-24, but I still get the white background...
    (I have CS5)

    All my previous apps had transparency, and it worked fine, now I can't get it to work... This is a bug that should be fixed! It shouldn't be our problem to solve, that GameSalad can't show transparency...

    I'm really frustrated...

    GameSalad can show transparency. Since this works for the vast majority of people, the problem is much more likely with your image or how you've saved it or the format you've used than it is a problem with GameSalad. Perhaps post a sample image that you can't get to import into GameSalad with transparency and we'll take a look at it.

    Judging for the vast amount of comments here, it doesn't sound like "the vast majority" is that vast. Otherwise this discussion wouldn't even be necessary! And as

    @Chunkypixels says:
    Yup... I agree... Seems very confusing.

    photoshop 8 bit PNG format can hardly be called non-standard, exotic or irregular. It's one of the most widely used formats in mobile gaming... Generated from the most widely used image processing software in the world.

    It should be one of the first formats that GameSalad test against, and have support for... And should be one of the most widely documented PNG graphics formats out there.

    So for it to now be broken and not supported, and labelled as non-standard, exotic or irregular is a joke.

    I don't see how improved ingame image processing speed, at the cost of increased app size, increased loading times, and the removal of support of one of the most widely used graphics formats can be an overall improvement... Surely that's steps backwards...

    I couldn't agree more...

  • QwazzMeQwazzMe Member, PRO Posts: 38

    @johnnymagne said:
    Hi @QwazzMe - have you tried alpa at .99. Had same problem, but got my transparency back at .99

    Thanks! It does help, although I still have an ugly "white halo" around my images...

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