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Trying to have actor ask user questions and make a selection

Hi guys, I am new to the gamesalad scene and have a question,

I have a bunch of actors that randomly spawn on the screen lets say A B C D E (these are all the same actor just spawn different images Randomly), I have another actor called Host that talks to the user and asks question. But in-between the questions I want the user to select one of these actors and mark it as a selection. I guess I am confused on where to put this rule, do I put it in the Host section or each individual actor? I tried in the host section but it I couldn't link it correctly. Do I need to use a table maybe?

any help would be appraciated

Best Answers

  • cabral91cabral91 Posts: 7Member, PRO
    Accepted Answer

    Thanks, I ended up creating a game.Attribute boolean that says usersTurn and when it gets to the point of the conversation i want user to make a selection usersTurn=true and that actor waits for it

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