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how make jump like geometry dash ?

iraqiraqiraqiraq iraq baghdad , muslimPosts: 89Member

hello every body i played game name geometry dash
and i need make jump like this ! the hero jump just one time .. if he in air and you clicked the screen he cant jump
if he on ground and you click the screen he can jump just 1
if you along pressed the screen he Repeat the jump
how i make like this ?


  • DevirosDeviros Posts: 87Member, PRO

    Here's some Pseudo to help you along:

    If (touch is pressed) and (player is colliding with ground)
    (jump action)

    Basically, test if the player is touching the ground, and if so, allow jumping. Otherwise, don't. You'll need to add some other qualifiers to prevent weird behaviour with the BOTTOM of platforms if you can jump up and touch one, but that should get you started.

  • iraqiraqiraqiraq iraq baghdad , muslimPosts: 89Member

    can you make demo please ? becuze i dont understand you what you mean touch and and allow jump ?
    or write the rule and i follow the rule

  • iraqiraqiraqiraq iraq baghdad , muslimPosts: 89Member

    very thnx i maked :)

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