OPINION about game's life direction... publisher?

Ok, I think I've created a game with potential and want to show/send it to a game publisher... I want your opinion of what I should do under these circumstances:

• I'm not a programmer, I've been using GameSalad for about 2 years or more and created my game on it... it has some glitches.
• I'm thinking that if a publisher really digs it, their company will have REAL programmers that can remake it without glitches.

... or should I learn programming for 2 years and remake my game in COCOS2D or something...?

Opinion greatly appreciated!


  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Member Posts: 462

    @Simple Gamer Arts Sounds Intriguing. Consider which tools they'll use. Are you expecting they'll continue development in GameSalad? Do you foresee them building upon your original idea but recreating it entirely within another engine / platform? Will you be able to quality check it if it's in another tool?

    Make a rough guess of how much time will they need to invest. Is this a multi-year endeavor? How many people? Will they need artists as well programmers? How involved will you be once they join? Will they just be a part of your team or will they take over development, design, and other aspects?

    How will money be handled? Will they be expected to invest their own resources? Will you profit share with them? How will the revenue be split? Will you own the intellectual property or will they?

    Lots of questions to think about. I say don't rush either way. Dream about goals for the game. Write them down for clarity. Seriously, write the goals out on paper/computer or at least say them out loud - it helps. Best of luck :mrgreen:

  • Simple Gamer ArtsSimple Gamer Arts Member Posts: 288
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    Thanks a lot for that @RowdyPants . Those are excellent questions to ask myself; will answer and write them down.

    I would say the IDEAL scenario would be me, the visionary and they, the programmers and marketers. I'm guessing they have Mozart-prodigy programmers that could remake what took me more than 5 months in a day or two... and they have a brand plus $ that gets them in the top 10 of any app store...

    I'd totally be willing to share whatever profits because without them (publisher) the game remains stagnate... I mean, without a publisher, NOTHING HAPPENS... that's the truth... so I guess on that note, I'll just "send away" to as many publishers and see who's interested because there aren't many options in such a saturated market.

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