480x240 2:1 aspect ratio retro game.

3absh3absh Member, PRO Posts: 589

I want to create a very low res 2:1 aspect ratio game.
It seems the images scale to FHD no matter the scene resolution.
And low res pixel art becomes blurry.

Is there a way to fix this?


  • 3absh3absh Member, PRO Posts: 589

    It's also much better for framerates, device compatibility, loading times etc...

  • jay2dxjay2dx Member Posts: 610

    hey there,

    So with GS the only way to do this is to kind of fake it, basically GS doesn't support pixel interpolation where by it will scale pixels keeping the hard edge look to them, you need to make your pixel art and up scale it within your art program, load this into GS and make your game at a HD level but with up scaled pixel art. I usually up scale a 64x64 pixel asset to 128x128 or 384x384 but then in GS i would have its size set at 64x64 within an HD scene and it will look like pixel art. you wont "unfortunately" gain any performance like you stated.

    hope that helps :)

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