Android APK Rejections / Upload Errors with Google Play & Amazon App Store.

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We have traced down issues with uploading to the Google Play & Amazon App Stores to how GameSalad Creator signs APKs.

Creator uses jarsigner, which is a tool provided by Java and used in Android 4.2 (API 17) and earlier.

Google has since release a newer tool called apksigner which does some things differently. Up until now, jarsigner was fine, but Google Play & the Amazon App Store will no longer accept apks signed with jarsigner.

Until we update Creator, you will need to sign manually using the command line.

For macOS, if you have Android Studio installed you can do the following:

  1. Download the apk with the Download button on publishing.
  2. Open Terminal
  3. Run the following command (replacing <things in> as needed)
~/Library/Android/sdk/build-tools/28.0.3/zipalign -v 4 <downloaded apk> <downloaded apk>_zipaligned.apk
~/Library/Android/sdk/build-tools/28.0.3/apksigner sign --ks <your keystore file> --in <downloaded apk>_zipaligned.apk --out <whateveryouwantotnameyourapk>.apk

That final APK <whateveryouwantotnameyourapk>.apk is what you upload to Google Play.

Your build tools may not be in build-tools/28.0.3. The number will change depending on when you installed Android Studio and which build tools version you chose to install after.

If you need help finding zipalign and apksigner try:

find ~/Library/Android/sdk -name apksigner

That should show the correct file path (possibly more than one, just use the one with the highest number).

For Window, the commands will be:

C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\build-tools\<build tools version>\zipalign.exe -v 4 <downloaded apk> <downloaded apk>_zipaligned.apk
C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\build-tools\<build tools version>\apksigner.bat sign --ks <your keystore file> --in <downloaded apk>_zipaligned.apk --out <whateveryouwantotnameyourapk>.apk

We will update this thread once we find a better solution to this problem (either updating the tools, building a solution for online signing, or both).



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