Problem with Distribution Provisioning Profile ! Helpp

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i have a game ready to publish to appstore, but have a problem!
i follow this guide:

but when arrive at point : Step 4. Configuring the Code Signing.....

and when i Find the setting called Code Signing ( Identity and expand it to view the sub-parameter called Any iPhone OS Device. In the Value for this sub-parameter, select from the drop-down the entry called “iPhone Distribution: <Your Developer Name>”. This entry may be beneath text that reads “for Application Identifiers '<bundle identifier>”. )

i don'have a bundle identifier name!!!!

and if i see the Xcode organizer i see this error for profile distribution:

i deleted and recreated the profile several times, I have not solved anything, the system says that the password is not in the system! how to solve? HELPPP

helpppp pleaseee


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    I did the same thing the first time, and I just had to go back from the "Beginning" and make sure everything was done

    Did you generate and install a distribution certificate? Create an App ID? Did you download and install these?

    I would click on this link, and just start over, it's much easier than trying to figure out what you "didn't" do, and I'm sure the 2nd time you'll be successful!
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    my problem is this, i add keychan, after install mobileprovision, after open my project, and select distribution:

    but i don't see my developer name!!!! i see only " IPHONE DISTRIUBUTION"

    ok i continue to guide and after appear the text ( in xcode ):

    Code Sign error: The identity 'iPhone Distribution' doesn't match any valid certificate/private key pair in the default keychain

    pleaseeee helppp,

    i deleted and recreated the profile several times, I have not solved anything, the system says that the password is not in the system! how to solve?

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    i had similiar problem. When i created new apple ID (read info on apple site about names - com.yourname.* - this patern is important) everything was ok.
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    im having problems with this too. cant i just send my dev version instead of making a new app id, or how do i get the provision to work?
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    anyone : /
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    It can be complicated to get your profiles created and installed properly. There are many different parts to the equation and without knowing the exact steps you took, or did not take, it's hard to direct you to a solution.

    I have installed and configured Dev. and Distribution profiles for a number of friends. If you run into a problem it's sometimes easiest to clean the slate and try again. My suggestion would be that you start from square one again...and strictly follow Apple's Documentation. Make sure to check out the "Distribution" section in the Program Portal on Apple's website.

    Another good resource for guidance is

    Best of luck.
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