Isometric Movement ?

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Anybody tried creating isometric movement and had any success ?

Just looking for some good advice, tips and suggestions really ? I want to be able to swipe in the direction I want to go if possible ( left / right / up / down but on a perspective grid at the usual 45 degree angle to the screen ), if not, I can utilise on screen controls instead, but the actual movement is what I'm looking for help with ?

I'm assuming I can fake 'behind objects' by utilising some sort of layer system also ?


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    One possible way to do this is with the "move to" behavior. Basically, create a rule for your swipe (), and then use "move to", based off your current position.

    For example - when moving up and to the right, move to (self.position.x + 50), (self.position.y + 50). When moving up and to the left, move to (self.position.x - 50), (self.position.y + 50).

    You'll need a separate move rule for each direction (should be six of them, in a standard isometric view, if I'm not mistaken).

    You could also do this proportionally to where the actor is in the scene, too, if you don't want it just to be top-down (ala Civilization 2); in each directional movement, add additional rules to account for how far up the screen the actor is and change the offset accordingly.

    As far as layers - you can certainly do this. I'm pretty sure there's a couple of tutorials here in the forums.
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    The link above was broken because of that ending ")" being there. Here's the Swipe Tut:

    You'll probably need this too:

    For the in-front / behind stuff
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    Thanks, guys, your replies are very much appreciated. Need to dig into this a little further. Thanks also for the code logic examples, that's also a great help.

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    This thread has all broken links, anyone know where to locate the updated resources? I am try to program isometric 4-way character movement.

    Thank you for any help.

    Miss Faith 🙎


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    hi there! It's all about trickery, smoke and mirrors :) Send your project file over and I can set up the basics of it for you. @ester.denham

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