Collision not working? wtf

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ok, lets say you have a Sun with 2 moons . all im trying to do is a basic collision which should be simple.. collide with actor tags "planets" or something and if you make them spawn on top of each other it should move each other out of the way and stabilize..

however they continue to rest inside each other instead of colliding.. any ideas? FYI the planets are rotating. but the collide behavior should prevent them from touching.


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    You didn't unlock the actor on scene at any point did you? Then add collide to original? This would mess things up.
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    is at least one moveable?

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    both are movable. and both float nicely around, the problem is if they spawn on top of each other they dont regulate themselves they just stay stacked.. i cant put my finger on it.
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    i am using a constrain behavior to make sure they orbit, but collide should still move them right? the constrain regulates the speed and the distance,
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    Constrains Override collisions. if there is any kind of constrain affecting the x and y position of the 2 actors the collisions will be Overridden.
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    Hey, ive made a air hockey game, but im constraining the x and y of the puck hit thing, so when the user slides their finger across the screen the hit thing follows, but when hitting the puck it just moves away and doesn't gain any momentum or transfer velocity, it just moves out the way. How would i go about fixing it?

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    I could be wrong, but I think you need to put the collision rule in the puck, not the Bump Button (puck hit thingy). If it is already in the puck, then I am not sure what the problem would be. You may wish to start a new thread for this issue if you haven't already. Others who may be able to help better than I can may be able to find your inquiry easier that way.

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    Adjust The bounce level on the puck.

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