Can you export Flash Animations to PNG?

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    Yes you can export a png sequence from flash but not much more than a basic timeline animation. Once you get into nested movie clips I do t think it will give you the desired effect. Hope that helps!
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    Actually you can export the nexted movie as a sequence as well you just have to adjust the settings of the movie clip to export.
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    Meaning you make sure all nested symbols are set to be 'graphics' not 'movie clips'. Movie clip symbols will not export there inherent frames but 'graphic' clips do.
    For best results export at 24 bit (alpha if needed) and make sure the 'smoothing' option is one. Generally exporting at full screen size is the best option - if you do it at minimum size you ma get weird results.
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    That's why I use Apple's motion I can export still frame sequences as low as 10FPS. Besides, flash is dead.
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    Besides, flash is dead.
    I'm not sure that's entirely true. If Flash had a quality export to HTML 5, then it could still be useful software. Also, some of the biggest games around are in Flash... like CityVille and FarmVille. Right now, HTML 5 is a mess. That's because it's very difficult to get consistency across multiple browsers.

    Even with IE 9, Internet Explorer is still weak with Flash. Flash is dying... but it's not dead yet.
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    Sweet! Thanks everyone.

    I might also check out "Apple Motion" Can anyone tell me how to do the mass PNG export on Flash? Thanks again : )
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    yeah i agree with photics. flash is dying but definetly not dead yet. One of the major 3d engines is even getting flash export in there next update
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    Flash is ABSOLUTELY NOT dead as an ANIMATION platform. It may be dying as web delivery, but as a 2d animation tool it is quite strong. And you can export at whatever FPS you want...
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    Flash is still an excellent Animation software package - yes it is dead if Adobe do nothing to it (like they have since buying it from Macromedia) but it is their one hope fo staying relevant one thinks.

    How To Export From Flash PNGs:
    To export from Flash mass PNGs. Go to the File menu and select Export/Export Movie....change file format to PNG sequence and hit save. it will output EVERY frame in the Flash file scenes, everything so make sure you only have the frames you want actually in the file. It will have some options like smoothing and Alpha (or not) before you export. As stated earlier make sure you have smoothing on (good for multi colored images) and use an alpha if you need to make the background transparent.
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    I use motion and flash for animation both are great but, flash will allow you the ability to edit you images on the fly (flash and fireworks are a great combo for art/animation).

    Flash is FAR from dead as it is now turning into a robust sdk on it's own. Have people not kept up on the apple / adobe truce or what the next instalment of flash is? As anyone operating with licensed adobe packages should know, it has been in the newsletters and they have been showing it off.
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