How Resolution Independence Works

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Hey All,

I've seen so many confused people when it comes to Resolution Independence. Hopefully this explanation will help those people out.
Ok here goes - Correct me if you know a better way to explain it.

The IPhone 4/s has 2x+ the pixels of a 3Gs. Therefore, if you want your game to be retina display quality on an IPhone 4/s, do the following:

Select resolution independence on the home screen of your iphone app. This will make it so that you can upload your images at 2x size and GS will automatically size them down so that they look the same as always on your screen. However, they will be retina display quality on an IPhone 4/s.

I really hope this helps. If you have any other questions or problems just post here and I will answer you to the best of my ability.


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    Resolution indépendance is just the HD setting for you device.
    If it is on, it will cut all image seizes in half. Compressing them for HD quality. Mainly noticeable on the i4 onwards.

    If Ri is off, then then image size you import will be the image size it is if you drag it straight into the scene.

    That's all there really is to it.

    Edit - Oh you're just clearing things up with other people.
    You're basically right if i'm wrong xD or we're both right! :))

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    Good Point.
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    good @ozboybrian

    do not know how the term Resolution Independence came to be applied to images!
    originally the term was used to for typesetting/fontWidth … not images.

    mayhap, peoples took it from TV "display resolution" … and in the context used by GS 'display'… would have been the better term to borrow.

    by resolution one assumes they mean Size i.e. the Width and Height of the image
    by independence one assumes they mean it doesn't depend on one platform's; the GS will figure-out which size image for the platform's OS.

    with retina display the images size in the resources is larger … or the volume of pixel is 4 times greater.

    @};- MH
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    I've seen that video also. However, It is slightly confusing for newbies, because they think it means that they need to actually change the scene size of their project to 960 by 640. I just wanted to clarify things.
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    And I though it was so much deeper than that, like after years of oppression and conflict, Resolution declared independence.

    Finally going to get my iPhone 4GS, so at least I'll be able to test the resolution output on my newer device vs. my 3GS.
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    Can you turn on Resolution Independence after you create your game, I made a game but I had it turned off before I started it. :-L
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    @EpicDev Yes you can switch it on at any point, just make sure the images are doubled by the time you publish!
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    @EpicDev Yes you can switch it on at any point, just make sure the images are doubled by the time you publish!

    @beefy_clyro Thanks!
    But can you guide me on where to turn it on? :D
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    Are you on the Mac version? If so it's right under the project settings.
  • EpicDevEpicDev Posts: 16Member

    Are you on the Mac version? If so it's right under the project settings.

    Im on windows

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    Okay so wait let me get this straight lets say I have an image that is 64 by 64 it'll make it 32 by 32? So I just have to make everything double the size? The 960 by 640 I don't need that even if I want it for iphone 4 and up? I thought your camera size had to be the same size of the scene. I changed everything in my app plus I'm on windows and I didn't have it checked I don't have a project info tab like you mac users... I'm still new to gamesalad so please bare with me thanks guys ! @The_Gamesalad_Guru @SnapFire @MotherHoose @ozboybrian @EpicDev @beefy_clyro @RP

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    I still don't get it. Everything looks blurry when I have resolution independence checked. Even though I usually create the graphics 2X. Very confusing.

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    The part i dont get is when it automatically resizes (on windows, note). As far as i can tell, im supposed to import the image at 2x, but make the actor at normal size?

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    I've abandon this option. Cause it's easier to support multiple devices without Resolution Independence checked.

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