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Hi Guys, I'm new to Game Salad and want to create a simple proof of concept drawing app. I have one working with a color but I'm having issues changes colors. Does anyone have a demo drawing app with the following simple features?
Change colours
Change size of brush
Erase part of drawing


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    Man , if you new to game salad , i highly recommend to leave this project , a drawing system is possible with game salad , but its VERY glitchy and resources consumer at the moment.
    There is a demo of a KINDA working drawing system somewhere .
    As much as it sounds simple (hey , its just a drawing system) its not !
    Im not sure how you did yours , but if you just spawn 'dots' all over the place as a brush then you will find your game crashes very quickly .
    About the color change , every actor has color attribute :

    Using those attributes you can change the actor's color .

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    Perhaps... It is possible with writable tables in the future. But I imagine it will still be memory consumable like crazy.
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    JohnPapiometis posted his version of ORBZ Drawer:

    need to changeColors with a button to set (colors should be gameAttributes) … referenced by lineSegment
    for brushWidth you need to increase/decrease H of segment
    to erase part of the drawing, you need to set the Color to the background color

    yes, it does constantly spawn the lineSegment BUT that is event driven … not extremely resource intense

    @};- MH
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    Every link to ORBZ drawing project seems to be broken now. Does anyone know how he did it?

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    You can find this and a lot more on the marketplace:

    GameSalad Templates and Custom Development at the Official Marketplace:

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