How to make a multiple light effect?

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Want to make a multiple light effect, like the fire and same torch when became night in the game. I saw the video tutorial for olny 1 actor, but for example in the same video, if i want to see the light torch too, how can i do it?

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  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Member Posts: 9,922
    The camera can only follow one actor at a time so you can't have the effect on multiple actors. You could always use that trick and make the overlay image more transparent to allow the torches to shine through.
  • akichan22akichan22 Member Posts: 9
    so i don't want to use those way. im looking for something else...
    i want that the torches too have a clear light effect, so you can see it from far
  • akichan22akichan22 Member Posts: 9
    perfect i just need to study it! thank you
  • MotherHooseMotherHoose Member Posts: 2,456
    AHA! … here is our flashlight and torch and candle effects!

    Beautifully done graphically! and programming-wise!

    Thanx bunches! @old_kipper

    @Everyone … if you miss getting this one … you miss a lot!

    give o_k some well-earned "Insightful" and "Like" for this demo/template!

    image MH
  • RThurmanRThurman Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 2,880
    @old_kipper -- that is just perfect! Thanks much for sharing how to do this.

    By the way, I count ten little kippers. Is that correct?? Do I win?
  • old_kipperold_kipper Member Posts: 1,420
    @RThurman... well it depends... I can remember if it was a tin of micro kiplets on the shelf, the glass kipper and the cake tin... Anyway, I'm glad its been of help to people.

    p.s smallish foreground sprites of 'monsters in the dark' can be set to normal colour mode and lightened or darkened based on proximity to lights if you wish to avoid partially seeing the background through them.
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    I could use this too. Does anyone still have this template, they can put up in a link? The current one is dead.

    Thanks in advance!
  • battleduckbattleduck Member Posts: 105
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    hi guys, just stumbled across this post, does anyone still have the template/ project file, as the above link is now dead.

    EDIT, i think i've just found it, so here is the link for anyone else thats interested.
  • mmzbrmmzbr Member Posts: 311
    Thank very much guys! Save my day!
    @old_kipper for the awesome template and @battleduck for the re-upload!
  • ester.denhamester.denham Member, BASIC Posts: 24
    edited March 2023

    For some reason I am not able to open this new file in WIN10 GameSalad Creator. It doesn't show up in the list except as a folder when I try to open it. When I right click the file and hit "open" it only opens the creator but fails to open the file. Does anyone have a better copy off this demo? or maybe just explain it in text?

    Miss Faith 🙎


    Hm...Does building games with Gamesalad ever get you craving Kale? Seriously! I can't stop thinking about Kale now! 🤪

  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 3,095

    @ester.denham create a blank text file inside the .gameproj folder called <project name>.gsproj

    GameSalad projects are basically folders. On mac there's a special "package" system you can use to turn folders into what looks like files. On windows, we had to add a .gsproj file so that there's something to double click on, since you can't do the same thing.

    If you don't see a .gsproj file, it's a VERY old project that doesn't write the gsproj file.

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