Collide rule trouble?

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Hello everyone.

Can someone figure out the following riddle?

I have an "box" actor which is set to collide with a "ground" actor. It rests upon so to say. Now then i created a second ground actor which the Box should only collide with under certain conditions. So there is a rule saying If attribute X is 1, then box should collide with Ground 2.

Problem. No matter what happens the box collides with the Ground 2 actor. So even if X is 0, it still collides?

I can't make it not collide so to say. Does this make sense to anyone?

Appreciate any help.


  • jckmcgrawjckmcgraw Posts: 647Member
    Check and see if you have a collide with behavior in all of the effected actors.

    EXAMPLE: if the ground actor has a rule: when attribute = x, collide with actor box, that would work. But if you have a collide behavior in the box colliding with the ground, I'm pretty sure that that would overrule the ground's condition.

    Let me know if this helps,
    Jack McGraw
  • orjakobsenorjakobsen Posts: 4Member
    Hey Jack.

    Thanks for your reply.

    The only collide rule is in the box. It is set to collide with ground 1 and 2 as a starting point. And this works. But I want to make it not collide with ground 2 (only 1) when Attribute X=1. Since I dont have a attribute saying Dont collide, I made it as "when X=0 Box collide with ground 2". Hence hoping that when X=1 it will not collide with ground 2.

    But it seems as if it just ignores this. So even when X=1 it still collides with ground 2.
  • HapiappsHapiapps Posts: 373Member
    If the box is constrained to the position of the finger or if it is dragged that it won't work that easily.
  • orjakobsenorjakobsen Posts: 4Member
    The box is not contrained or anything. Just 2 simpel collide rules. Maybe its a bug in Game Salad?
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