Apple ID does not have permission to access iTunes Connect.

andrew_jmsandrew_jms Posts: 10Member
Hey Team,
Not sure if I am missing something here...
I've recently enrolled in the iOS developer program, set up provision etc, published my project through game salad into an .app file.... Then i went to login to 'iTunes connect' and get the following error message:

Apple ID does not have permission to access iTunes Connect.

Am I missing a step somewhere perhaps ??

Thanks in advance.



  • NmdogdudeNmdogdude Posts: 174Member
    Did you also pay the $99 yearly fee?
  • andrew_jmsandrew_jms Posts: 10Member
  • IsabelleKIsabelleK Posts: 2,807Member, Sous Chef
    Do you use your new dev account, or your old iTunes account?
  • dmilinovichiiidmilinovichiii Posts: 620Member
    Did you type your user name and password correctly? I know it's a stupid question, but it might be the problem.
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    Hi Andrew, all as the other guys said; also possibly this: it takes a short while for your enrolment stuff to go through their system, so if you haven't received any emails from Apple along the lines of "Thank You for Joining an Apple Developer Program" and "Welcome to iTunes Connect" then hang on a while til then; after that it'll be no problem to sign in.

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  • andrew_jmsandrew_jms Posts: 10Member
    Hey guys,
    Thanks for your help - Yeah it just hadn't been activated yet... Apple support fixed it straight up, in fact it was the first time really dealing with them and so far so good!

    Thanks again.
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