Need an Idea for a game

Anybody got a good idea for a game that I can make as my first attempt

It needs to be something simple and easy to make as This is my first time making a game using GameSalad


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    Yep. Follow my video tutorials and you will have a playable game and have learned the basics of GameSalad:

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    Try something very basic such as the old classics. Asteroids and Pong make excellent first games.
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    Well here some ideas of games.

    Game idea one:
    Maybe have a sling shot and have some pigs or something in wooden and rock structures and using the slingshot throw birds. :)

    But that won't be popular, too simple no one will like that so maybe have fruit coming up on screen and have up act like a ninja to cut the fruit. But who likes fruit, so that's not going to sell :)

    Asking people for ideas shows, in my opinion that you may not be a programmer at heart. But if you are here is what i would recommend :)

    Game one: as said before. A simple pong game will get you learning basics.

    Then make a more complex game. Like a Mario platform where you have a character, move left to right and jump over stuff, have a few levels with high score or something.

    Game three, this is where you start designing a unique game, you learn heaps by creating something new when you know the basics, start experimenting. It doesn't have to be the one you show or publish.

    So I wish you all the best with your new adventure in game making :)
    Also if you didn't know the two game ideas are those of popular games so don't copy them.

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    Raise the ante on Cabela. How about "Petting Zoo Hunter: Nowhere To Run!"
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    How about no.
    This tool has 1 post (this one) and wants our game ideas?
    Heres an idea, do your own work?

    You probably shouldn't be attempting a game if you've never used gamesalad before.
    Read the cookbook, do some tutorials, you will come up with your own ideas.
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