Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this and let me know where I should if it shouldn't be here, but I would like to know what the differences are between gamesalad, stencyl, and game maker (yoyo games). I like GS, but before making a game I would like to explore my options and choose the best one. If someone could just give me the pros and cons of each engine or what you personally prefer and why. I just want to know the differences, which one is best, easiest, etc... I know this is a GS forum but please no biases. I want an honest opinion. Thanks in advance and any info helps.


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    Hey, there are actually quite a lot of threads on this. If you just typed in the names of those competitors in the Search bar, you'll see results like:

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    Well, you're only going to get biased opinions here. If someone were to prefer the competition, they wouldn't necessarily be on these forums. Your best bet for comparisons is to go to each of the individual sites, download any demos you can, or read their offerings.

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    My advice to you would be download them all and try them out. They are all capable of making a great game if the person behind the keyboard is passionate about game making. And they are all capable of making a total flop.

    Each is different in what it can do, and what functions it supports. I can say from experience, that for me, GameSalad is the easiest, and fastest to use. Stencyl is great as well, and it has an option for hand coding if that's your thing. I can't hand code, so it's not my thing, which is why I use GameSalad.

    Plus, GameSalad hands down, has the best community. You can't find help anywhere else like you can here. With the hundreds of youtube videos from GameSalad, and members of the community, and all the helpful people on the forums, it out does any other SDK sites community, in my opinion.

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  • K thanks guys. and ya @liquidgameworks that probably is the best way.
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    Yeah like the others have said, this isn't the best place to put this + there are a lot of other threads already on this topic here.. So Im closing this down. If you have any questions feel free to hit up my inbox! But do check out all the other threads on this topic, they have a lot of information that will help you decide and if you have any questions about stuff on there, give those threads a bump and I'll be sure to help out :)

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