Splash Screen appearing wrong way on Kindle Fire

When publishing an Android app, the custom splash screen seems to be appearing the wrong way up when publishing. Anybody else having this problem?


  • PixelMetalPixelMetal Member Posts: 283
    Yep, exact same thing. Sizing is also wrong.
  • FinishTheCodeFinishTheCode Member Posts: 57
    I thought I weren't the only one. Tempted to leave out a splash screen, but I want to see how it runs on smartphones first. You rarely get chance to see it on the kindle anyway since the game loads quickly.
  • PixelMetalPixelMetal Member Posts: 283
    I ended up just using a solid black image for the splash screen, with a scene w/ logos that loads right after.
  • FiguromoFiguromo Member, PRO Posts: 42
    I've run into the same problem. I guess black it is. Good thing it's a quick load.
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