Best GameSalad Iphone Games?? :)

Hi all,

I'm wondering which is the best practice ios game made with gamesalad.

Best game made gamesalad how many sold?
Which games enter the top 10 in app store?

Do you have any idea?? :)


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    Hey @loabdor,

    there are so many threads which cover this topic, I just recently found a new one again. Just use google or whatever and search. I am sure you will find something!


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    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your comment but i think maybe one gs development said on this topic:
    "Hi man, i made a blaaablaa game via gamesalad and i sold 40k.."
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    First there is a huge difference between free and paid apps. Getting 40k with free
    is possible at all, paid is hard.

    The best way to sell a game is not thinking about money. I love games and really have a passion, and for me it is important that people like the game and have fun playing it. But there are many other steps which are important. But as I said, there are really many threads out there. Just check them out!


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    I see this question asked a lot, and I personally believe that the tools dont matter, its the idea and execution.

    I think Gamesalad is a powerful tool, the downfall is that it is almost TOO easy, so people rush all kinds of stuff to market hoping they get a hit.

    A no.1 top selling game can be made using GS, but then again, a masterful oil painting can be created with just brushes and paint. So its up to the user, the creator.

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    Why the actor go to the left?

    That one is AWESOME!!!
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    Shadows Mind for iPhone/iPad/iPod is fun.
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    RP said:

    Why the actor go to the left?

    That one is AWESOME!!!

    Why the actor go to the left? is only on iPad at the moment, the OP was asking about the best iPhone game.

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    Questions about other people sales, and earnings are not appropriate. I'm going to close this.
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