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Is there a tutorial out there that will tell me how to set up a top 10 high scores table which will order by highest score first?



  • is very difficult, you have to create 10 variables and 10 display text, you have to take the variable of the score of the player compare with those of the board and insert it in the right place, then you have to climb to position the scores based on the new score added and save all. I think is better to use Game Center leaderboard
  • This will get you started. It's a two part series so click the link in my signature to get to my tutorial page.

  • Once loops in Gamesalad are solid enough, this will be a piece of cake via using variations of bubble sort :) fingers-crossed!

    If they can integrate Arrays that fit the Gamesalad way of coding (i.e. simple and dumbed down for everyone) things like this will be easy peasy.
  • i had a template made by some random person but i cant find it
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