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Hello. A newbie so forgive the stupid question... If I want to have an app with multiple GameSalad games, as well as other content is that possible? I don't require integration directly between games but simply to be able to incorporate into a bigger app. Thank you.


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    @DeepBlueApps' Project Merger tool will allow you to combine multiple GameSalad project files.

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    It really depends on what you mean by other content. If you mean you want to include some GS games as mini-games in a larger app made with a different program, then it isn't likely. It may be possible to hook into the GS output, particularly if it's HTML5 (I think someone already did this to some extent) but it would probably not have ideal results.

    If you mean you want the games to be part of a bigger, but GameSalad made game, then sure you can have as many games as you want!

  • rmaclermacle Posts: 2Member

    Thank you so much for your replies. Really helpful. What we want is an educational app with GS games in it. So the "educational bit" would be built elsewhere (e.g. iOS native) and the GS game would be a section within it. Unless I can use GS to do the educational bit as well? It's a simple animal guide so doesn't need to be particularly complex, just not a game as such.

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    You cannot mix and match. If you use GameSalad as a tool then all of the content (except external server data) must come from GameSalad Creator. You can't import from or export to other scripting languages or development tools.

    The name "GameSalad" is a bit of a misnomer. It's safe to say that the large majority of apps made with it are games, but non-game apps can be made just as easily. The last app I built for a client was a kickboxing trainer app. The next app I'm making myself is an educational app for special needs students.

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  • rmaclermacle Posts: 2Member

    OK. Get it - thanks Tatiang.... we'll try and build it all in GS. Thanks!

  • chad.hamiltonchad.hamilton Posts: 2Member, PRO

    So @DeepBlueApps is no longer a member? I tried his website and it does not seem to be working either. Anyone know of any other ways to combine templates into project?

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