Armelline's In-App Purchase Tutorial Template

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I finally got around to finishing this off.

The new IAP system in GameSalad is powerful but confusing. You can see some musing regarding it that I posted before in this thread, as well as a handy flow-chart type thing.

What I want to share today is what I'm calling a Tutorial Template that walks you through setting up a non-consumable IAP with dynamic button updating. Apple are keen to get people doing this, and it adds an extra bit of polish to your game.

Included too is a way of testing your IAP within the Creator. Frustratingly, GameSalad doesn't give you a way to simulate the return of the Request Purchase Data or Purchase Item behaviours, but this template shows you a really easy way to approximate this behaviour.

This video will show you what I'm talking about:

I chose in this example to only trigger the filling of the PurchaseTable when the user actually requests a purchase. My experience has been that trying to fill it before a purchase is requested can lead to the user getting popups requesting they log in. I have a strong preference to avoid that happening. Depending on the complexity of your shop, though, you might want to make that concession.

You can find the template to download at my website. Click here to jump straight to it, or click here to visit the homepage.

This template is completely free and I hope it helps some people figure this IAP stuff out! Should you wish to donate a dollar or five towards me making more free templates like this, there's a link on my page - but doing so is 100% voluntary.


Strictly no inclusion of logic from this template is allowed in any commercial template.



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