Follow the finger with big scene(resolved)

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I'm stuck with this odd problem or I don't understand why doesn't work.

Actor follow my finger wherever I put until Screen y>1024 or Screen x>768 . An invisible wall blocking it.

I am writing important rules and behaviours.

Screen Size- 1536x2048 Camera Size- 768x1024 Tracking Area x 0 y 0

Actor has camera control behaviour


Constrain self target x To game mouse position x
Constrain self target y To game mouse position y

when mouse button down

move to target x and target y speed 400 relative to scene.

I spent 3 hours, I'm trying to catch up to the 2014 final jam, if I can't find the answer in 1-2 hours, I have to change all gameplay.

edit: by the way,I tried to change camera.origin.x and y but It didn't help me.

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