update my non-consumable in-app for GS 12.20 -- $40

Hey guys, i'm looking for a developer to update my IAP for iOS 8. It's a non-consummable. I have implemented a "parental lock" system as it is for kids. Everything is setup but I need to implement the non-consumable purchase and the restore purchase for the new system. Looking for an expert. Thanks


  • lalaniareeshlalaniareesh Posts: 1Member

    I can help, i charge $20, over 3 years of experience in Game Salad, and certified in iOS app making.

  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,583Member, PRO
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    I would warn that for a game aimed at children, you will probably need to implement the full IAP logic with dynamic buttons. It is very likely that a parent will have the parental confirmation of purchases set up, and this can lead to very confusing "non-functioning" of the IAP button(s) if you are not displaying a message such as "Purchase pending" or something. It can be a little complicated to get just right. Unfortunately it is considerably more complex than just throwing the basic logic for purchases in, and will end up costing you more than $40 if you go that route. Entirely optional, though.

    Edit: Just saw the original date of this post. My advice is surely moot by now :D

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