Signing iOS apps on windows

Is there any way to sign an app I have developed for the iphone? I have created it on my laptop using Windows and don't seem to be able to sign it.


  • jigglybeanjigglybean Posts: 1,584Member

    You need an iMac to publish to App Store. You're only way is to use something like macincloud and do it through that. Thankfully, macincloud comes preinstalled with Gamesalad too.

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  • kainakukainaku Posts: 2Member, PRO

    I had that same issue, I opened my app from a mac and tried to publish from there. Still not able to publish for iphone.

  • stenna9999stenna9999 Posts: 1Member

    Nowadays, iOS app developers are focused more towards sign in apps. You can find thousands of Sign in app on Vshare app store. These sign in apps no longer require jailbreaking. You can also download these sign in apps on iOS 10. So, Vshare download for iOS 10 and get all sign in apps for free. To get these apps on your Linux, you can simply use emulators.

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