Royalty Free Music That Luke Took From the Death Star Before It Blew Up

Howdy, folks. I'm new to the forum scene, but it's never too late to join! Just don't join the Dark Side. Either way, it's nice to meet everyone. My name's Joshua, and I'm a huge lover of video game music, which drove me to composing game tunes myself. I've just compiled a 15-track, completely free instrumental album, and have posted it to my Bandcamp account, if anyone is interested in some RPG-esque game music for their projects or personal listening. I'm only asking that you credit me as J.C. Brickston (or Joshua Curtis) if you use any of the music I've made.
Also, aside from this free album, I'm planning on releasing plenty more free instrumental packs in the near future for other genres of video games, like action and sci-fi themed pieces. I'll be posting on here when I get them done and uploaded. Thank you all for your time in advance, and happy game making! Power to the indies. May the Force be with you! And I don't mean that like a Disney Jedi. I mean it in the way that Yoda would say it when he was still a Muppet.

Here's the link to the free album (All you have to do is type $0.00 to get it free) -


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